Our first Lindsey Motor Express truck
Our first Lindsey Motor Express truck

Linmoore Investments is the name of the company formed by Jody Lindsey and Robert Moore in 1996 doing business under the name of LMI Transport. Jody and Bob began working together in the 1980’s for Jody’s family business by the name of Lindsey Motor Express and Southside River Rail. Bob had joined Lindsey Motor Express as a dispatcher in 1985 and Jody joined the company as an inventory clerk after college in 1988.

After working together for many years, they started a trailer leasing and transportation business in 1996 by the name of Linmoore Investments which operated successfully for many years. We leased trailers to Lindsey which in turn were rented out to various customers. We also ran a fleet of limousines for several years.


Aerial view of Lindsey Motor Express/Southside River Rail
Our first location for Lindsey Motor Express & Southside River Rail Terminal

In 2001, the owner of Lindsey Motor Express made the decision to sell the trucking portion of the company to Quality Distribution and Jody went to work for Quality Carriers with Bob staying to run the operations of Southside River Rail.

In June 2002, the opportunity presented itself for Linmoore to become an Affiliate of Quality Carriers so we bought the equipment back from Quality and ran Linmoore with approximately 30 drivers from our terminals in Cincinnati, Ohio and Lima, Ohio. Since then we have opened an additional terminal in Institute, West Virginia.

Today, LMI Transport continues to operate in multiple states working closely with our 105 professional drivers, 13 hard-working and knowledgeable mechanics and a great group of Management and Office personal. After many, many years in the industry, Bob and Jody still operate the business day to day and look forward to continuing the success and growth we have enjoyed over the past 16+ years.